Meistersinger Astroscope AS902B Black-Blue

Meistersinger Astroscope AS902B Black-Blue

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The Astroscope displays the weekdays like they’ve never been shown before: related to the heavenly bodies that have been attributed to the various days since ancient times.

Monday, the Moon  ☽

Tuesday, Mars  ♂

Wednesday, Mercury  ☿

Thursday, Jupiter  ♃

Friday, Venus  ♀

Saturday, Saturn  ♄

Sunday, the Sun  ☉

With these celestial bodies and their classical symbols, the Astroscope shows the days of the week not in a linear or radial fashion, but wandering back and forth in a constellation that only occurs every ten to twelve years in the southern night sky of the northern hemisphere. Again in July 2020, with the exception of the Sun, of course, all the celestial bodies of the weekdays will be visible there at the same time. The Astroscope stylizes this formation on its dial; a bright dot appears on Monday at about 12 o’clock at the Moon symbol and the next day to the right at the Mars symbol. On Wednesday it appears next to Mercury at about 9 o’clock; on Thursday next to Jupiter at 3 o’clock ...

  • Swiss Made




Sellita SW 220
26 jewels
28800 Semioscillations per h – 4 Hz
Power reserve 38 h


Stainless steel case with 6-screwed exhibition back
Diameter 40 mm
Height 10,5 mm

Water resistance

5 bar

Power reserve

38 h